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Islamic Community Center, The City on the Lot

It was more about addressing the socio-political aspect of the project The idea was to divulge a new idea, one of peace and prosperity, one where people came together to share the experience and the culture. Looking at the site, and its greater context within the city of Philadelphia, striking similarities were found with the City of Paris, France. Identical buildings, Twins, City Hall and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway's general layout and procession. Like the Great Mosque of Paris, the Community Center had to be a similar escape from city chaos. A ramp leading to a sunken courtyard was the main “Boulevard” of this Center. Converging streets and patios would emerge from underneath the floating see-through Prayer Hall where one would see people pray as they disappear beneath them to face the monumental 1OO feet high wall ascending to the Sky to reveal the direction of the Holy City of Mecca.