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New York City

It is a theatre to Observe and be Observed...by none other than New York City.

5th avenue is the greatest stage of NYC where people perform their lives, and its adjacent buildings, its seating. What will the program be and Where should it be placed on fifth avenue? Looking at the parks along the avenue as air bubbles of New York City, research was done to find out their usage in time. The one that was most suitable was the old trading center for theatrical goods at Madison Square Park by the Old Madison Square Garden Theatre where the New York Life building now stands. That little pedestrian island mimicking the Flatiron Building at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth since every time broadway crosses an avenue, a theatrical condition took place. And now, an open air theatre where People can see other People and the Cirque du Soleil show as a celebration of the human body at the center of human activity from above, below and at eye level.